Friday, August 7, 2015

Ivano De Matteo's "I nostri ragazzi" (The Dinner) Opens in the U.S.

Ivano De Matteo’s acclaimed, “I nostri ragazzi” opens today in the United States. The film was adapted from Herman Koch’s bestselling novel, “The Dinner”. The creative way in which De Matteo interprets this story is engaging and suspenseful. The story is a reflection of today’s disconnect between parents and their teenagers. Kids are always seen engrossed in their phones- watching videos, playing games and posting photos and updates to social media. I can imagine how difficult it is for parents to really know who their kids are meeting or what exactly they’re watching. This story takes that idea and exposes a parent’s worst nightmare. The film stars four of Italy’s most talented actors: Alessandro Gassmann, Barbora Bobulova, Luigi Lo Cascio and Giovanna Mezzogiorno. Alessandro Gassmann’s performance stood out for me. It's really his film, and I’m ok with that because it's a beautiful, soulful performance, which exposes a side of Gassmann we rarely see, and for this, I applaud the director, Ivano De Matteo.

U.S. Dates
Chicago (Aug 7)
San Francisco (Aug 21) 
Santa Fe (Aug 28) 
Miami (Sept 4)
Buffalo, NY (Sept 4)

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