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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Springtime in America: The Season of Italian Cinema

Americans are embracing all genres of Italian cinema. The week began with news of Francesco and Neri Ricci's short film, "Halina" taking top honors in its category at the DC Independent Film Festival in Washington, DC.. ...and the week may end with Paolo Sorrentino taking an Oscar back to Italy with his blockbuster, "La grande bellezza."

The city of Los Angeles is celebrating Italian culture with a distinguished film program and Red Carpet events attended by celebrities from all walks of entertainment.
Next week, the 6th Annual Minneapolis Italian Film Festival will kick off a week of contemporary Italian film screenings.

Giuseppe Piccioni's Il rosso e il blu

Valeria Golino's 2013 film, "Miele" will be shown at New York University on March 4th followed by a discussion with Golino and actress, Jasmine Trinca.

Valeria Golino's Miele
Also next week, the Rochester Institute of Technology will launch a month-long celebration of Sicilian culture, featuring the Italian documentary filmmaker, Salvo Cuccia, who will present his film, “Summer 82 when Zappa came to Sicily."

On March 27th, the Italian Film Festival USA will kick off in Pittsburgh with 11 U.S. cities participating, including Memphis, Detroit, Cleveland, St. Louis, Chicago, Indianapolis, Boulder, Kansas City, Milwaukee and Phoenix.

Carlo Verdone on the set of Io, loro e Lara

Then from June 6-12, we have the annual, Open Roads: New Italian Cinema film festival at Lincoln Center in NYC, which features a whole host of Italian filmmakers presenting and discussing their films... not to mention all the smaller community events hosted by Italian American Community Centers around the country.
Americans are truly supporting and enjoying contemporary Italian cinema.. and I couldn't be happier about it!

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