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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Filmmaking in Basilicata on the World's Stage

It's been a huge international weekend for filmmaking in Basilicata. 

In Lisbon, Portugal, festival goers attending the 8 1/2 Cinema Italiano film festival were treated to a special series in which three films made in Basilicata were featured:  Antonio Andrisani's and Vito Cea's Sassiwood, Rocco Papaleo's Basilicata Coast to Coast and Edoardo Leo's Noi e La Giulia. All films were huge hits and shown to packed theaters. Rocco Papaleo and Lucana Film Commission director, Paride Leporace were on hand to discuss filmmaking in the Basilicata region. 

At the same time across the Atlantic, Basilicata filmmakers, Antonello Faretta and Adriana Bruno were presenting their film, Montedoro at the Atlanta Film Festival.  Like Lisbon, the filmmakers were greeted by a packed house waiting to spend a couple hours learning more about this beautiful, mystic region.

Basilicata has been transformed into a soundstage time and time again through the years. From local filmmakers to Italian maestros like Pier Paolo Pasolini and Francesco Rosi to Hollywood directors like Mel Gibson, the pure, unindustrialized terrain of the region gives artists a natural, decadent backdrop to their dreams, scripts and visions. Just recently, scenes from the Hollywood productions of Ben Hur and 007 were shot in Basilicata.

It's no wonder the region was named the 2019 Culture Capital of Europe. For more information about filmmaking in Basilicata, visit the Lucana Film Commission online at:

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