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Monday, September 5, 2016

Basilicata and Calabria join forces to form Lu.Ca

Calabria and Basilicata have entered into a partnership, which will change the landscape of filmmaking in southern Italy. Lu.Ca is a brand new “micro film commission” that was just launched at the 73rd Venice Film Festival. Named after Lucania (Basilicata) and Calabria, the new film commission will occupy the territory of the Pollino National Park, which is shared by the two regions.

The initiative, signed by the President of the Region of Calabria, Mario Oliverio and Francesco Pietrantuono, who will be replacing Basilicata’s current president Marcello Pittella, aims at supporting the economy of the territories and the growth of local businesses by attracting the world of cinema. Pino Citrigno, the president of the Calabria Film Commission along with Paride Leporace, director of the Lucania Film Commission will be working together to make sure that Lu.Ca. will engage both Italian and international film crews, thus having a positive impact on the regional economy. 

The region of Basilicata has seen a increase in film productions during the last few years, and European funding has recently brought in 56 companies, providing work for 600 people. The 2015 production of the high budget Hollywood film, "Ben Hur", required a €4 million investment, but produced an indirect impact equal to more than €7 million with 50% generated by accommodations and restaurants in Matera.

Claudio Santamaria discussing Lu.Ca. at the Venice Film Festival
The landscape along the neighboring regions is an incomparable natural setting, and has already been a set to so many masterpieces of cinema. Iconic filmmakers like Pier Paolo Pasolini and Francesco Rosi along with their contemporary counterparts, Gabriele Salvatores and Rocco Papaleo, have made unforgettable films in Basilicata. The first production of Lu.Ca. will take place right in the Pollino National Park, the largest protected area in Europe, and will be directed by the award-winning actor Claudio Santamaria, who is of Basilicata origin. A short film,“The Millionairs” will be produced by his longtime friend and colleague, Gabriele Mainetti, director of the award-winning, "They call me Jeeg Robot".

If you follow Italian Cinema Today, you know how much admiration we have for the filmmakers of Basilicata. Last year, we started a series, Basilicata: Terra di Cinema in which we profile young filmmakers of the region. Their knowledge, originality and creativity has catapulted their region to the forefront of film production in Italy. We only hope this new initiative will be in the best interest of those already contributing greatly to cinema being made there.

Below is a compilation of the filmmakers and movies we have profiled..

The Documentary Film "Matera 15/19"
Interview: Actor Walter Nicoletti of “Jesus VR - The Story of Christ”
Film Shot in Basilicata is Headed to the U.S.
Il Cinema di Basilicata al Lucania Film Festival
Short Films by Lucani Filmmakers take Center Stage at Cinemaratea
Interview: Executive Producer Nausicaa La Torre on joining "Flipo con la Basilicata"
The Documentary "Emilio Colombo. Memorie di un Presidente" to be presented in Potenza
A Big Week Ahead for Short Films Made in Lucania
"The Prince of Venusia" by Silvio Giordano to Premiere in Potenza
Basilicata protagonista della XIV edizione dell'Ischia Film festival: la kermesse cinematografica dedicata al cineturismo
Verdone, Sorrentino and Tognazzi in the lineup of Basilicata's Maratea Film Festival
Interview: David Cinnella, Producer of Indie Western to be shot in Basilicata
Interview: Cinematographer Michele D'Attanasio on "Veloce come il vento"
Documentary on the Family of Frances Ford Coppola getting International Attention
Basilicata: Terra di Cinema - Cinque Domande per Nicola Ragone
"The Young Messiah" in American Theaters March 11
Interview with Filmmaker Andrea Filardi
Interview: Director Massimo Gaudioso on his new film "Un paese quasi perfetto" - made in Basilicata
Filmmaker Vania Cauzillo presents her Documentary “La ricerca della forma, Il genio di Sergio Musmeci” in her hometown of Potenza
#Luogoideale is not your average Hashtag- It Represents a Culture steeped in History and Pride
To mark the Carnevale of Satriano in Lucania.. We revisit my interview with Filmmaker Michelangelo Frammartino   
The prodigious, natural talent of Basilicata-born visual artist Walter Molfese
Basilicata: Terra di Cinema - 2015 Year In Review

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