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Thursday, March 19, 2020

Actor Francesco Colella on His Character in 'Aspromonte: La terra degli ultimi'

Colella on set with actor Francesco Grillo
I am working on my next article for Fra Noi Magazine of Chicago.. a profile on the Calabrese actor Francesco Colella, and I'd like to share a short clip of our interview. 

We met in November at the Rome premiere of his film "Aspromonte: La terra degli ultimi" directed by Mimmo CaloprestiThe film was supposed to make its North American premiere at the Italian Film Festival USA but was postponed due to the coronavirus. 

Colella is from Calabria and has been in many film and television productions made in the region, including the FX series "Trust," which is now available on Hulu, and the new Amazon series "ZeroZeroZero." In the clip below, he talks about his character in ‘Aspromonte: La terra degli ultimi’ who fights to improve the conditions of poverty for his townspeople.

The article I’m working on will be published in the May issue of the magazine. I’ll publish it online ASAP.. and keep you updated on the new date of the festival screening. In the meantime, watch Francesco Colella in "Trust," Episode 8, "In the Name of the Father" on HuluYouTubeAmazon PrimeSling and Google Play.

Check out my interview with two of Colella's costars, child actor Francesco Grillo and musician-turned-actor Fortunato Verduci.

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