Saturday, December 26, 2015

Just Launched: Italian Cinema & Art Today YouTube Channel for Monica Bellucci's "Ville-Marie"

Monica Bellucci and Guy Édoin at the Festa del Cinema in Rome
In an attempt to make it easier to post videos on this blog, I started a YouTube Channel. The very first video I uploaded is a soundbite by Monica Bellucci from the press conference for the Canadian film "Ville-Marie" starring Bellucci. The film premiered in October at the Festa del Cinema in Rome. "Ville-Marie" is the second feature-length film by Guy Édoin, the director of award-winning short films and author of Marécages, screened for Critics’ Week at the Venice International Film Festival. In his new film, the Canadian director tells the story of four problematic characters whose lives cross paths at Ville-Marie, on a dark night in Montréal. Bellucci plays the role of Sophie Bernard, a famous actress reunited with her estranged gay son. The story unfolds after a tragic accident causes the four people to cross paths.

In this video, Bellucci talks about her role and why the director chose her. The role called upon her vocal talents, so she also addresses her talent or lack thereof to sing. The quality of our videos will be better in the future. This was shot unexpectedly on my little 35 mm camera. Bellucci was asked a question in English during the press conference, so I just hit record! I'm looking forward to sharing more videos and film clips with you.

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