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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Equinozio D'Autunno: 19 International Artists

19 Italian & International Artists
September 22 – November 10

As the equinox repeats over time marking the transition from one season to another, the Autumn Equinox exhibition returns to the Castello di Rivara, even more rich and evocative.

Franz Paludetto, today as then, has identified a new generation of artists to celebrate the astronomical event that makes night equal to day. Autumn Equinox is an extraordinary exhibition. This is not a conventional exhibition, but a complex and multifaceted experience.

There are four solo shows in which the works of Elvio Chiricozzi "Weightless", Oreste Casalini "Balanced", Mustafa Sabbagh "Everything Moves" and Davide Dormino "Magnetism" are displayed in a part of the main part of the castle, which was renovated in late nineteenth century. Also in this space, next to the works of the collection exhibited permanently, are the works of Omar Ronda, titled, "The guests of blue blood visiting the Castello di Rivara".

The stables play host to the solo show of the German artist Peter Schmersal, "Painting" confirming the relationship that still binds the Rivara Castle to Germany. It's a long-standing love marked by fundamental exhibitions in the history of contemporary art.

In the Old Castle, almost in contrast with its definition, the works of the three young artists: Luca Cruz Salvati "Principles without principles", Sveva Angeletti and Leonardo Aquilino "Photographic Documentation Center". 

Outside, the park surrounding the castle follows the same logic: making permanent works and temporary works coexist on the occasion of the Equinox. Alessandro Giorgi's "4 white mattresses 1 black", Annamaria Gelmi's "The flower for Castello", Maurizio Taioli's "Via Crucis" and Nicus Lucà's "The color thief" will occupy this sprawling exhibition space.

Finally, the cellars of the Castle will house the works of Katia Pugach "Dejavu" and the history of Erbaluce wine, with the ceramist Maria Teresa Rosa in "Cantico" and the Canavese producers Ferrando, Orsolani and Santa Clelia.

Castello di Rivara – Centro d’Arte Contemporanea
19 Italian & International Artists
Piazza Sillano 2 - 10080 Rivara (TO)
September 22 – November 10
+39 0124 31122

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