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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Gianfranco Rosi’s New Film Underway

I want to tell the story of the island of Lampedusa and its inhabitants beyond the tragic arrival of migrants, whose presence will however be felt, like an echo.” Gianfranco Rosi, 2013 Golden Lion winner in Venice for "Sacro Gra"- recently talked about his new film to be produced by RAI Cinema, Cinecittà Luce and Avventurosa, in co-production with the French company, Les Films d'Ici. "In the beginning, I thought of doing a short, but after two surveys, I thought it would be impossible to condense into ten minutes- stories that were going to tell the story of an island.” 

Rosi plans to move to the island of Lampedusa in September. “I need to immerse myself in what I want to tell before I start shooting, and only then slowly, slowly find my narrative process. It is a very complex challenge. I hope to be up to the challenge.”  The possible title for the film is Aria Rossa, “because it's about a part of the island where things happen I want to show in the film,” Rosi said, at a presentation at the RAI headquarters in Rome called LampedusaCinema 2014.


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