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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Three Italian films to be featured at the Holland Animation Film Festival

UPDATE 2 January 2016
-Alessandro Rak's L'Arte della Felicità will air TONIGHT on RAI 3 at 23:30

Three Italian films will be featured at this year's edition of the Holland Animation Film Festival: L'Arte della Felicità (The Art of Happiness) by Alessandro Rak; L'Attesa Del Maggio (The Wait Of May) by Simone Massi; and Ogni Santo Giorno (Every Blessed Day) by Giorgio Bellasio.

Rak's L'Arte della Felicità is the clever account of a taxi driver who lives in Napoli. He spends his days listening to the stories of his passengers while pondering the meaning of life and how happiness fits into the equation.

Watch the trailer..

With the accents of a beautiful accordion hymn, Massi's L'Attesa Del Maggio is a thought-provoking tale of life seen through a dream. Click here to watch it on Vimeo.

Ogni Santo Giorno is the story of a toddler's tender lesson in kindness. Click here to watch the film.

The festival will be held from 18 - 22 March 2015. For more information, visit the festival's website at-

Festival Showtimes

L'Arte della Felicità (The Art of Happiness) • Alessandro Rak • Antonio Fresa, Luigi Scialdone, Luciano Stella • Italy • 2013 • 84:00

L'Attesa Del Maggio (The Wait Of May) • Simone Massi • Withstand, Davide Ferrazza • Italy • 2014 • 8:00 • Non-narrative • Dutch premiere

Ogni Santo Giorno (Every Blessed Day) • Giorgio Bellasio • Maga Animation Studio, Massimo Carrier Ragazzi, Ambra Malanca, Massimo Carrier Ragazzi • Italy • 2014 • 1:40

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