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Friday, October 9, 2015

Jacopo Benci – Débrayages a cura di / curated by Maddalena Rinaldi

See English translation below..

via Palazzo dei Duchi 6 [Piazza del Mercato], Spoleto, Umbria

fino al / until 6.12.2015
Lun-Ven / Mon-Fri 16:30-19:30 
Sab-Dom per appuntamento / Sat-Sun by appointment

The exhibition presents a selection of photo works by Jacopo Benci from 2007 to 2011.
A fully illustrated catalogue with a text by Maddalena Rinaldi will be presented at the opening.

Jacopo Benci lives in Rome. His work includes photography, video/film, installation, performance; it has been exhibited in galleries, museums, festivals in Italy, Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, France, Germany, Great Britain, Holland, Hungary, Russia, Thailand, United States. Benci is Senior Research Fellow in Modern Studies & Contemporary Visual Culture of the British School at Rome, where he was Assistant Director Fine Arts from 1998 to 2013.

In 2012, I attended a fascinating exhibit in Rome by Benci. The Mystery of the Park featured a collection of instant photographs, digital photographs and a video. The subject of these photos was Maryon Park in southeast London, the location of a key scene Michelangelo Antonioni's epic Blow Up. Benci's fascination with gardens and parks lies in the way that we generally regard parks as "spaces prepared for living in the magic of daylight, for contemplation or for play, for meeting or solitude.." That is quite a poetic thought for a simple and beautiful exhibition of photos. If you are familiar with the film and the scene that was shot in Maryon Park, you will find irony in the peaceful, still portraits that graced the walls of the Roman gallery  where they were displayed. I found the exhibit to be a beautiful union of art and film, which captured the tranquility and vast landscape of one location, and I appreciated the fact it kept relevant an iconic Italian filmmaker of days gone by.

Check him out online at

From Jacopo Benci's 2012 Rome exhibit, The Mystery of the Park 

In Italiano..

La mostra presenta una selezione di opere fotografiche di Jacopo Benci del 2007-2011.
Il catalogo illustrato della mostra, con un testo di Maddalena Rinaldi, sarà presentato all'inaugurazione.

Jacopo Benci vive a Roma. Il suo lavoro include fotografia, video/film, installazione, performance; è stato esposto in gallerie, musei, festival in Italia, Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Francia, Germania, Gran Bretagna, Olanda, Ungheria, Russia, Thailandia, Stati Uniti. Benci è Senior Research Fellow in Modern Studies & Contemporary Visual Culture dell'Accademia Britannica, di cui è stato Assistant Director Fine Arts dal 1998 al 2013.

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