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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Interview: Vincenzo Mosca of TVCO on "My Italy" and Italian Cinema throughout the World

The 13th edition of the Italian Screenings, the only annual marketplace event dedicated solely to Italian productions is underway in Bari, located in Italy's southern region of Puglia. Organized by Istituto Luce Cinecittà, 130 professionals from 30 countries are expected to attend. The purpose is to sell Italian films to buyers throughout the world.

Among those professionals is Vincenzo Mosca. He and his business partner Sesto Cifola run the world sales and production company TVCO that recently partnered with CristaldiFilm to make Italian films available throughout the world. Cristaldifilm is operated by Massimo Cristaldi and Zeudi Araya. Massimo is the son of Franco Cristaldi, a monumental movie producer and three-time Oscar winner for some of the most beautiful, timeless films ever created, including Pietro Germi's "Divorce-Italian Style", Federico Fellini's "Amarcord" and Giuseppe Tornatore's "Cinema Paradiso". The partnership between these professionals so passionate about Italian cinema is a match made in heaven.

Mosca and Cifola are in Bari to present their film "My Italy". Directed by Bruno Colella who also stars in the film along with an ensemble cast that includes Luisa Ranieri and Rocco Papaleo, "My Italy" tells the story of a director and his assistant traveling around Europe in search of financing for a feature film about four great contemporary artists. Along the way, they meet up with a whole cast of characters and problems which greatly affect the outcome of the film.

I recently spoke with Vincenzo Mosca about his collaboration with CristaldiFilm and Italian film distribution around the world.

How is your recent collaboration with CristaldiFilm going?
Our collaboration with Massimo Cristaldi and Zeudi Araya is very good. The library is so rich in masterpieces. Buyers are interested in most of them. 

Tell me about "My Italy." What was it about this film that made you want to represent it?
Do you think the message is universal and will be understood outside of Italy, helping world distribution of the film?
"My Italy" is an extraordinary combination of contemporary art and comedy in the best Italian way. I found it extremely entertaining and at the same time innovative about Italy, her beauty and contradictions through the eyes of four of the leading contemporary artists who play themselves. I believe this will appeal to world audiences.

Can individuals purchase your films here in America or do you just sell to theaters and distributors?
We first look for distributors to maximize exposure, but we do run our own TVOD channel where a selection of our Italian and European films are available for individual buyers.

In your experience, how do you feel about Italian cinema on a global platform? Is there a big demand for it?
I believe we do have to increase and foster the demand of Italian cinema on a global platform. My idea is to create one single or a few strong platforms dedicated to our cinema. I am sure that would work.

For more information about the vast library of films available through TVCO's partnership with CristaldiFilms, click here- TvcoVOD.

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