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Monday, July 24, 2017

Maratea's "Le Giornate del Cinema Lucano" to Showcase Regional Films

The complete lineup of Maratea's "Le Giornate del Cinema Lucano" was announced today at a press conference at the Port of Maratea. Mayor Domenico Cipolla along with Lucana Film Commission Director Paride Leporace, festival organizer Nicola Timpone and production administrator Elvira Marino announced the lineup to regional journalists.

The 2017 edition is chock full of locally-made films and national stars alike, such as Valerio Mastandrea, Valeria Golino, Carolina Crescentini, Sergio Castellitto, Margaret Mazzantini, Giovanni Anzaldo, Ornella Muti and Christian De Sica. 

For a Lucania film aficionado like me, the regional films are a special treat because they are quite hard to find, and this festival offers a rare opportunity to see many in one venue. Here is the complete list of films made in Basilicata that will be shown at  "Le Giornate del Cinema Lucano" ... along with the corresponding events and discussions..

Tuesday, 25 July

21:00           Robert Vignola e il muto in Basilicata (Teaser 6')

                    A conversation with Carmelo Marino, Mayor of Trivigno and filmmakers Sara Lorusso and Michele Scioscia of the production company Effenovesrl (producers of La ricerca della forma, Il genio di Sergio Musmeci)

23:00          L'utile meraviglia. Gli orti saraceni di Tricarico by Prospero Bentivenga 

Wednesday, 26 July

20:30          Crabs (Trailer 2') by Giuseppe Marco Albano
                   Interno 8 by Dino Santoro
                   Paride by Carlos Solito
                   Un voto all'italiana by Paolo Sassanelli
                   -Q&A with filmmakers Nunzia Schiavo and Ernesto

Thursday, 27 July

20:00          A conversation about cinema made in Basilicata- the impact on the region's economy and tourism 

20:30          L'ultimo desiderio
                   Le ali velate by Nadia Kibout
                   A presentation of the trailer for Il Vangelo secondo Mattei by the directors and actors Antonio Andrisani and Pascal Zullino 

22:00          Lucana journalist Francesca Barra in conversation with Emilio Solfrizzi

                  Armando Lostaglio in conversation with director Cinzia Th Torrini and actors Elisabetta Pellini, Nando Irene, Pascal Zullino and Antonio Andrisani from the RAI fiction Le sorelle.. filmed entirely in Matera

                  Lucana Film Commission Director Paride Leporace in conversation with Sergio Castellitto and Margaret Mazzantini followed by a screening of their film Fortunata

Friday, 28 July

19:30          Da #Potenza a #Maratea per una Basilicata visibile.. A conversation with Sergio Ragone

20:30          Taranta on the road by Salvatore Allocca (Trailer 2')
                   Non gioco più by Sebastiano Luca Insinga
                   -Migrant Film Festival-
                   Video Mic and The Invisable Work Force

22:00          RAICom and the Region of Basilicata present New Years Eve 2017 (recorded live from Matera)

23:00          Lucana journalist and author Francesca Barra in conversation with Carolina Crescentini, Valeria Golino and Gaia Amara

23:30          Urli e risvegli by Nicola Ragone
                   Matera 15/19 - Episode 1 by Fabrizio Nucci, Nicola Ragone and Alessandro Nucci

Saturday, 29 July

15:00          Christian De Sica meets the young actors of Basilicata 

19:30          Ho scelto di essere libera by Rosmy
                   Franco Rina's promo video for Cinemadamare
                   8 Giugno by Gianni Saponara
                   Amore disperato by Paolo Sassanelli

23:30          Wonder Woman by Patty Jenkins (scenes shot in Basilicata)

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