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Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Documentary Filmmaker Gianfranco Pannone's New Project to Premiere in Venice

The 2019 Venice Film Festival is officially underway. One highly anticipated film is Scherza con i fanti by Gianfranco Pannone and Ambrogio Sparagna. 

The documentary covers over a hundred years from the Unification of Italy to the present to illustrate the varied relationship Italians have had with the military and power in general.

The film combines rare stock footage with traditional folk songs and four diaries kept by a soldier for the Kingdom of Italy in the 1800s, a fighter in Ethiopia in 1935, a female resistance fighter during World War II and a sergeant in the Italian Navy in the Kosovo. 

The film will be shown in the Sala Perla on August 31 as a Special Event in the program, Giornate degli Autori.  Click here for details on the screening. 

Check out the trailer... 

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