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Monday, February 17, 2014

The Center for Italian Modern Art in New York City

"La Rissa" Fortunato Depero
The New York Times recently reported a new art gallery dedicated to Italian modern art will open this month in Manhattan.

Located in SoHo, the gallery will be called, the Center for Italian Modern Art. Located at 421 Broome Street, the inaugural exhibit will feature work of the Futurist artist and designer Fortunato Depero. The exhibit is set to coincide with the Guggenheim Museum's “Italian Futurism 1909 – 1944: Reconstructing the Universe.”

Laura Mattioli, the center’s founder and president, said, “The launch of the Center for Italian Modern Art marks a critical milestone for the international appreciation of 20th-century Italian art and an important step in overcoming the range of cultural, academic, and political obstacles that for far too long have prevented a broader awareness of the significance of modern and contemporary Italian art.”

The website, is still under construction. The doors are scheduled to open on February 22nd.

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