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Friday, December 25, 2015

Digital Lighthouse: Basilicata's Den of Technology

L to R: the gang from Digital Lighthouse- Sergio Ragone, Luca Curto, Davide Colangelo
While at the Festa del Cinema in Rome this year, I met up with my social media friend and journalist Sergio Ragone. I consider him a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to creativity. He’s an accomplished writer, photographer and film producer, wildly passionate about his work and his Italian region of Basilicata. He introduced me to two of his cinema colleagues Luca Curto and Davide Colangelo. They told me about their work at Potenza’s Digital Lighthouse Studios. After doing some research, I have come to the conclusion that this must be Italy’s best-kept cinema secret. 
A production and post-production house, the studios at Digital Lighthouse are at the forefront of technology with digital cinema effects, gaming design, editing, cameras, motion graphics, audio mixing, color correction and just about anything you may need to assist in video or film production. The structure in Potenza houses a sound stage with all the latest technologies available on the market. Run by an English/Italian-speaking staff and highly skilled professionals at the top of their games, the artists at Digital Lighthouse are looking to break into the international market.  

Below is just an example of the technology Digital Lighthouse offers: 


Production & Cinematography • Broadcast television • Surveys, Lidar 3D scans, HQ Pictures • Motion Capture & Camera Tracking • Digital Dailies

Digital Post-production, Audio Video Editing • Digital Intermediate, Color Correction • 3D VFX, CGI Animation, Character Animation Opening Titles • Digital Effects • Mix Motion Design Broadcast Design & Branding • Virtual reality / augmented / immersive • Direct drive, foley, dubbing, Sound Design & Mix Surround • Ingestion, Conforming, dcp, Cinema Mastering

Views 3D Scanning Environments, • App Real Time Interactive Software, Videogames • videomapping and 3D Graphics for the Entertainment 

To learn more about their facility, visit them online and take a look below at their beautiful 4D video, starring Lucano-born actor Antonio Gerardi, that captures the passion and natural beauty that is Basilicata.

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