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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Interview: Actor Jack Gallo - Just Being Himself

One aspect about contemporary Italian filmmakers that I have appreciated since I started interviewing them over a decade ago is the respect and gratitude they show for their predecessors. Whether I’m talking with an actor, director, producer or screenwriter, most likely there is a mention of a “great” such as Vittorio Gassman, Sergio Leone, Claudia Cardinale, Pier Paolo Pasolini or Sophia Loren, just to name a few. Actor Jack Gallo is no exception. He credits the likes of Alberto Sordi as well as American actors Al Pacino and Robert De Niro for influencing the choices he’s made in his career. In fact, he quotes Giancarlo Giannini, “For me, this work is a game. An actor should not imitate anyone. Rather, he should try to understand himself before attempting to portray a character. What ends up happening is that after interpreting so many roles, you realize the character you are always playing is actually yourself.” 

Born Giancarlo Ciordo in Crotone, Calabria, Jack Gallo relocated to the northern city of Bologna to pursue his dream of being an actor. His choice of genres is diverse, ranging from drama to action to comedy. He seems to have a knack for comedy roles but he assures me that he’s put in plenty of hard work and studying to achieve that kind of finesse. Whether he’s acting in a television commercial, a music video or in an episode of RAI 3’s popular documentary-fiction series, “Amore Criminale”, Gallo immerses himself in his character while keeping a safe emotional distance. He recently walked the Red Carpet at the Roma Fiction Fest for the premiere of the television series “Nero” directed by Giuseppe Piva. 

Moved by the enthusiasm and determination that Jack Gallo so bodly possesses, I asked him a few questions about his approach to acting. Our interview was done in Italian, so both versions are included. 

Tell me what you love about acting.
When I become a character, I really love to show a side of myself. I portray this character while remaining myself. I think this is an important thing for good actors to do- with passion and professionalism.

Parlami delle cose che ami di essere attore..
Quando Recito in un qualsiasi  personaggio , Amo sentirmi piu che altro  me stesso. Faccio il mio il personaggio rimanendo me stesso come un bravo attore deve fare , con la stessa passione è professionalità. 

I interview many filmmakers with southern origins and they talk about the passion for their land and how it contributes to their artistry. Do you feel that the region of Calabria has influenced you as an artist?
I love both regions. Calabria is my homeland- the home of my family and many memories while Emilia Romagna is my adopted region- the place where I took my first steps as an artist.

Ho intervistato molti registi di origini meridionali e parlano della passione per la propria terra e come contribuisce nella loro arte. Pensi che la regione di Emilia Romagna ti ha influenzato come artista?
Amo entrambe le regioni: La Calabria è la mia terra d'origine, la mia casa dove ci sono i miei affetti e tanti ricordi ; mentre l' Emilia Romagna è la mia regione d'adozione, il luogo in cui ho mosso i primi passi d'artista. 

Do you have a favorite character, one with whom you really connected?
I do not like to tie myself to the characters I play because I always prefer to approach new roles with new emotions. This gives me the opportunity to grow more professionally.

Hai un personaggio preferito, con cui ti senti legato?
Non amo legarmi ai personaggi che interpreto perché preferisco sperimentare sempre nuovi ruoli con nuove emozioni e mi danno la possibilità di crescere sempre più a livello professionale.

We are almost the same age, so like me, you remember the cinema of the 80’s and 90’s. What are your thoughts on Italian cinema today?
In the 80’s, there was a real decline of cinema. In the 90’s, technology became the main protagonist with incredible special effects and stereophonic sounds that could mask the absence of quality content. Today, everything is based on popularity and budget.

Noi abbiamo quasi la stessa età, quindi puoi ricordare il cinema degli anni '80 e '90. Quali sono i tuoi pensieri sul cinema italiano di oggi?
Negli anni '80 c'è stata una vera e propria decadenza del cinema....negli anni '90 la tecnologia ne ha fatto da padrona con incredibili effetti speciali: un insieme di "rumori" stereofonici come a voler mascherare l'inesistenza di contenuti...Oggi tutto si basa sulla popolarità e sul fattore prettamente economico. 

With each new role, Jack Gallo is gaining the popularity and momentum he needs to land challenging roles that will bring his career to the next level. Check out his show reel and see the diversity of his characters...
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