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Thursday, October 20, 2016

The 13th Edition of the Bella Basilicata Film Festival

The Bella Basilicata Film Festival will take place 24 October through 2 November in its quaint namesake town, Bella. Located in the provence of Potenza, the town will host some of the most talked about films made by Lucani in the past year.

The festival's mission is "to provide quality and excellence in all cinematographic expressions in independent cinema, in gender production, the work of established authors, in that emerging filmmakers, in research and experimentation."

Among the films in the lineup featured here on Italian Cinema Today are..
The Prince of Venusa by Silvio Giordano
La Slitta by Emanuela Ponzano
Lo Scambio by Salvo Cuccia
La ricerca della forma. Il genio. by Vania Cauzillo

For more information, visit the festival online at

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