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Friday, December 21, 2018

Indian Filmmaker Kabir Bedi Location Scouting in Basilicata

Photo from Kabir Bedi's Facebook Page
A delegation of Indian filmmakers, led by actor Kabir Bedi, recently scouted locations in Italy's southern region of Basilicata. The presence of the beloved Indian actor, perhaps best known for his television drama Sandokan, put the spotlight on the beginning of a cinematic relationship between Basilicata and India. That partnership officially began in Maratea last year when Bollywood execs traveled to the coastal town to launch the "Namaste India" project with the Lucana Film Commission, aimed at shooting films in Italy.

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The fascination with Basilicata by Indian crews perhaps began two years ago in the Sassi of Matera when television crews shot the beauty pageant Miss India Italy. The production captured the intrigue of Indian producers who made their commitment to filmmaking in Basilicata with "Namaste India".

In a Twitter post, Bedi wrote, "DEEPLY TOUCHED by the love I feel from the people of #Italy. Here’s a joyous encounter in the small town piaza of Vicerno in Basilicata, which I visited a few days ago. Can I ever thank the Italians enough?" Click here to see the video he posted.

In another post while visiting Castelmezzano, he wrote, "FAIRYTALE BEAUTY of #CastelMezzano in #Basilicata, #Italy, a town carved out of the rocks that surround it, took my breath away."

We'll keep you posted on upcoming Indian productions. In the meantime, check out this video of Bedi's visit by the news outlet TRMH24 Basilicata.

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