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Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Filmmaker Gio Crisafulli to Present New Film at the Harlem International Film Festival

New York-based Filmmaker Gio Crisafulli of Zio Ciccio Cinema will present his short film Chevere con Salsa at the Harlem International Film Festival on Saturday May 18th. 
The film follows Yesenia (Melinette Pallares), a disgruntled Washington Heights native, on the hottest day of the summer as she struggles to keep her cool navigating the sexual politics of her home, the city streets, and her dating life. After having her morning thrown into a frenzy by her mother, Criselda’s (Jackie Almonte), nagging, she escapes the confines of her oppressive home to the more carefree demeanor of her best friend Carlos (Pascal Arquimedes). Together, they venture down St. Nicholas in search of Dominican shaved ice to cool off, only to find themselves in a heated debate about the toxic masculinity in their culture, the gentrification of their hood, and Yesenia’s dating habits. Yesenia’s own one-sided beliefs get called into question when Carlos sheds light on her contradictions as well as the nuance in male-female relationships and the changing face of Washington Heights. Yesenia, with Carlos’ help, is later able to understand that she does not have all the answers and that it’s okay to simply enjoy the ride.
Click here to watch the trailer. Click here to purchase tickets.

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