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Sunday, August 11, 2019

Gaeta: City of Cinema

Free Spirits of Mario Martone's Capri Revolution on the coast of Gaeta
“Città del Cinema” (City of Cinema) is a recent nickname given to a former fortress for the Roman Empire.  Located on the southern end of Rome’s region of #Lazio and bordering Naples' region of #Campania, Gaeta boasts picturesque mountainous shorelines and centuries-old structures.

Scenes from Saverio Costanzo's HBO series L'amica geniale (My Brilliant Friend) were filmed in July along the city's seascapesThe director shot scenes from the first season and returned to film scenes with director Alice Rohrwacher, his girlfriend and collaborator. The set was closed and for the most part, hidden from public view. The scenes were shot on the beach and in the sea. There's speculation that the scenes are part of a vacation plot of the two friends, Elena and Elisa, played by actresses Margherita Mazzucco and Gaia Girace. Click here to see a few photos of the shoot taken from a distance.

The 2018 film Capri Revolution by director Mario Martone features the coastal beauty of Gaeta as the free-spirited young characters ponder the choices of their youth. Watch this clip (in Italian) of Mario Martone on location..

Alessandro Siani shot scenes from his 2017 film Mister Felicità (Mr. Happiness) in Gaeta. The Neapolitan comedian and filmmaker chose the city among the locations for his film accompanied by an enchanting soundtrack composed by Umberto Scipione.

Director Giuseppe Piccioni on the set of Questi Giorni
Director Giuseppe Piccioni shot his 2016 film Questi Giorni (These days) in Gaeta. The city center and outlying districts were perfect for Piccioni's "countryside town" setting, as his characters met "between old walls, on nocturnal jaunts along the shore and in the enchantment of a brief trespassing of nature." The film centers on the life and expectations of four girls who embark on a life changing adventure.

Click here to learn more about Gaeta and to plan a trip there.

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