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Thursday, August 22, 2019

Rimini City Council Approves Construction for the Fellini Museum

The city council in Federico Fellini's hometown of Rimini has approved the first of four stages planned for the realization of the Fellini Museum, which is due to open in 2020.

Referred to as the “Fellini Experience”, the museum will offer fans and cinema aficionados a place to experience the work of the Italian cinema master of cinema in all its forms and dimensions. The museum will not be limited to a single exhibition place, rather the entire historic center of Rimini will house a wide cultural celebration.

"It is our intention that the Fellini Museum will have to have the same role and centrality as the 'Guggenheim Museum for Bilbao, a cultural and art engine, which has the ambition to cover its precise space in the great international museum network. It will not be an immobile shrine but the dynamic of the legacy left by the Master," said the Mayor of Rimini, Andrea Gnassi.

The project, which received funding from Mibac, will consist of three main locations. They include Castel Sismondo, a fifteenth-century fortress, Palazzo Valloni, a recently restored eighteenth-century building, where on the ground floor is the famous Fulgor cinema and 'Piazza dei Sogni', which houses a collection of Fellini installations and scenography with green areas and arenas for outdoor shows.

The museum's mission is to show Fellini's creative and human universe with unlimited materials, which include hours upon hours of archival footage, documentaries, interviews and other audiovisual sources. In addition, the museum will display Fellini's drawings, screenplays, letters, musical scores, props and costumes, all in an effort to document the quality, originality and authenticity of the collaborations in each of Fellini's projects. 

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