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Saturday, December 28, 2019

Catching up with Daniela Del Secco D’Aragona in Rome

La Marchesa Daniela Del Secco D’Aragona is an Italian lifestyle and fashion journalist. She is a regular in the high society circles of Rome and Venice, and is often a guest on talk shows where she gives advice on style and etiquette. She refers to her fans as “Adorati” and her hashtag, #lavitaèsoltantounaquestionedistile (Life is just a question of style) has become her signature phrase.

I ran into her at the Rome premiere of Max Nardari’s film, Di tutti i colori in which she is featured as herself, of course. I asked her what fashion advice she’d like to give to American women. She responded with her belief in an outfit for every occasion.

“Every hour of every day requires a dress code, in clothing and also in makeup and accessories. Life is just a matter of style and you cannot deny this. Style has to adjust depending on the occasion. Having style never goes out of fashion. It is always relevant and is appreciated around the world during every season." 

Click here to watch a clip from our interview on Instagram.

La Marchesa went on to tell us about her weekly column dedicated to style. It is published in the Saturday printed edition of Il Giornale and is appropriately titled with her famous hashtag, #lavitaèsoltantounaquestionedistile.”

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