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Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Antonietta De Lillo's 'The Remains of Nothing' Available to Stream Until April 11

Antonietta De Lillo's 2005 film made its North American premiere that year at Lincoln Center's annual film series, Open Roads: New Italian Cinema. That's where I saw it at an afternoon screening and was mesmerized by the cinematic world that I became lost in. The film is now available to stream on Vimeo for three days thanks to the Marano Ragazzi Spot Festival.

Set toward the end of the 17th century, an apparently fragile Portuguese noblewoman with great intelligence and determination strongly embraces the ideas of the revolution. Conscious of her own limitations and weaknesses, she decides to fight for the affirmation of her ideals. In attempting to bring Naples around to the revolutionary winds blowing through Europe at that time, at the age of 47, she ends up on the scaffold, and is killed along with hundreds of her collaborators under the fury of the Bourbon dynasty.

This woman is Eleonora Fimentel de Fonseca, poet, writer, journalist and courageous intellectual. The true meaning behind her rebellion has a value which cannot be traced back to ‘the rest of nothing‘. Freely adapted from Enzo Striano’s novel, by the same name.

Click here to stream "The Remains of Nothing." Unfortunately, there are not English subtitles, but it's worth the visual artistry and dramatic performances even if you can't follow along verbatim. Click here to read our 2016 interview.

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