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Sunday, April 19, 2020

Cinema & Cibo: The Culinary Muses of Chef Jordan Frosolone

In our ongoing series, Cinema & Cibo, we talk with the Chicago born and raised chef, Jordan Frosolone. 

One of New York’s most sought after chefs, Frosolone's range of culinary talent is limitless. He can satisfy the most carnivorous of palates one minute and make a mind-blowing vegan truffle risotto the next. 

He's been a member of New York's Gruppo Italiano since 2017 and is currently the executive chef/partner at The Leopard located inside the Upper West Side’s legendary Hotel des Artistes. He was recently recognized for one of his signature dishes there, an eggplant timballo. 

Visiting Frosolone's website will give you the opportunity to step inside his world through photographs of antique pasta-making instruments and captured moments of his culinary adventures through Italy. There is also a section featuring detailed gourmet recipes. 

Having enjoyed that decadent vegan truffle risotto at an event in New York last year to mark the launch of the Veneto Film Commission, I became curious about  his background and inspirations. So I asked him a few questions about where it all started.

How and when did you discover your passion for food?
My passion for food starting at a very young age…at the dinner table with my family.

Can you tell me something about your time studying and working in Italy at the beginning of your career?
Living in Italy changed my worldview. The initial time spent living there opened my eyes to the everyday lives of the people of Italy, it was an amazing first step on a journey that continues to this day.   

How do your culinary creations reflect your Italian origins?
I am always looking to Italian traditions and culture when trying to find new dishes to interpret, in an authentic way, that are respectful to my Italian origins.

Tell me about your infamous timballo.
The timballo is inspired from a baked pasta I had in Sicily and also the film the "Big Night." Over the past 5 years or so, I have been working to prefect the dish. We are getting pretty close.

Speaking of film, do you have a favorite?
I cannot say I have a favorite movie; there are so many films that have meant so much to me at different points over the years. I will say that my favorite movie that I have seen over the past months is the 1962 film "Il Sorpasso."

If you’re in New York, experience Jordan Frosolone's creations first hand at The Leopard, which is providing delivery and takeout during the coronavirus closures, or explore his talents online at

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