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Experience Basilicata's Captivating Pollino

By Sergio Ragone

The Pollino Experience portal at is now online. The territorial communication and promotion project aggregates the accommodation and catering facilities belonging to the "Il Borgo Ospitale" compound in Rotonda. 

The portal is divided into four main sections: Food, with direct links to the catering facilities and excellent food and wine offer which enhance the area's products: red aubergine and white bean; Hospitality, the section with direct connections to the Albergo Diffuso Borgo Hotel and its facilities; Wellness, the area to discover the wellness services offered by the Eufrasia SPA; Nature, a section entirely dedicated to direct contact with nature and the environment, for those looking for a fully sustainable and ecological tourist experience. Another section, Stories, is dedicated to the history of the territory and consists of testimonies presented by the protagonists and guests of the structures.

Pollino National Park Shelter
"Pollino Experience - declares Franco Bruno, creator of the project - wants to put territorial excellence on the network in order to offer tourists a wide range of experiences that they can experience firsthand. The Pollino, starting from the town of Rotonda, is now one of the main destinations of national and international tourists that want to experience direct contact with nature and the beauty of a place full of charm. In order to make our tourist offer even more attractive, we have chosen to improve and simplify the "user experience" by implementing this digital and innovative project. Travelers today are looking for more intense experiences that can involve all the senses and generate emotions that will become sublime memories to share. The destination is no longer at the center of interests, whether known or not does not make much difference, but what matters is to have an intimate experience and be the protagonists of your time."

Bruno goes on to explain, “The tourism business must today take into account the new development models focusing in particular on words such as sustainability, innovation and tourism, spread over time and in the territory. A tourism that, putting people and their passions at the center, will have to present itself as experiential, widespread and point-like, aiming more and more to formulate personal, unique, unrepeatable proposals to tell. Elements that our territory is able to offer and which today, also thanks to Pollino Experience, are accessible to everyone. "

Pollino Experience is aimed at both tour operators and individual tourists and is a storytelling and promotion project of sustainable, experiential and slow tourism. 

Visit our sidebar, "Basilicata: Land of Cinema" to read more about Italy's enchanting southern region of Basilicata. 


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